The Sweetest Scares

EEE!!! Thank you to everyone who joined the All Treats contest! It was a treat getting to judge your creations. Many of them were quite sweet--others even made us shudder! ;)

It was truly difficult to choose our winners, but we’ve put together a list of favorites from each of the following categories: 

IPPON! Award: @HotcakesHime

HotcakesHime House

Judges’ Notes: “Wow! The scale of this one really blew me away. The ghost Gumchi’s are the ‘candy corn on top’… along with the actual candy corn.”

Wackiest Award: @ChubbiDust

Judges’ Notes: “I’m equal parts wanting to send this to all my friends and wishing I had never seen it. Great work!”

Most Creative Award: @Ferniiku

Judges’ Notes: “I love the little descriptions that bring this one to life. Dangerous! Delicious!”

Sweetest Award: @SSJ64Mario

Judges’ Notes: “Can you share the recipe? Pleeeeease?”

Ninja-Gum Award: @MuerteVerde27

Judges’ Notes: “I would *love* to use these as Scrap Saber Ninja-Gum in-game.”

Again, thank you to everyone who entered either--or both--of the contests! We had an absolute blast reviewing your submissions. We look forward to seeing you here again in the future!

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