Can you recreate your favorite TEPPEN Card Art without spending too much, but win big?

We’re bananas for the unconventional here at Team TEPPEN. Honestly, we’re bananas for bananas, but who’s counting? Ok, enough talk that isn’t really fruitful to the subject at hand, y’all ain’t peelin’ it. We’re holding a TEPPEN Cosplay Contest, but on a budget. Save your money, if you can, because we want to see you recreate your favorite Card Art in innovative ways!

From 4/22 through 5/2, we will be accepting photo submissions on the official contest site. The catch is that you have to fit your beautiful work of art in the provided card frames! Remember, the cards you recreate must come from the existing card roster as of 4/22/2021. You aren’t required to have a full cosplay or special effects, but it might help elevate your submission and stand out from the rest! Entries can be posted elsewhere, but only submissions on the official contest site will be considered to win. Also important to note, PLEASE do not endanger yourself or others for the sake of this contest, fire breathing should be left to the professionals, settle for throwing red tissue paper at each other or something.

Five winners in total will be selected and each winner will win a $100 gift card of their choice to either Google Play or the Apple App Store. Four winners will be selected by members of Team TEPPEN based on personal favorites. One winner will be selected by the community on the official contest site. When submissions end on 5/2, we will begin the voting process over the course of three days (5/3-5/5).

With well over 1000 cards in TEPPEN’s roster, you have plenty to choose from to recreate! With TEPPEN’s latest Card Pack, Ace VS The People, on the horizon (4/30) the $100 gift card could help you get a good collection of the new cards going. Remember to also follow TEPPEN on their official social channels to catch the latest AVP card leaks and all news coming to TEPPEN!

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