GungHo in the Press - Interview with CGMagazine

As GungHo America’s first in-house developed game, Volta-X has an unique combat system perfect for players who like to strategize or micromanage. Take a look at this CGMagazine interview with the Director and Lead Programmer Fumiaki Shiraishi, discussing the inspirations of this new playstyle and what makes Volta-X unique from other games.


Volta-X only takes a computer mouse, fox, monkey and elephant to play with in GungHo Entertainment’s latest online robot fighting strategy game. Every click is mapped differently for a player’s mech, which is armed to the teeth for precise battles. In our recent preview of the game, we found that Volta-X had flipped the genre of many beat-em-up Kaiju games before. But GungHo manages to do so with a new playstyle that encourages critical thinking and micromanaging over simple fighting-stick combos which have long defined the niche library of games.”


“CGMagazine spoke with Volta-X Game Director Fumiaki Shiraishi, delving into the pieces of pop culture which shaped it and just what makes this fighting game more mental than physical.”


“CGMagazine: What were some of the things from the kaiju and mecha genre that shaped Volta-X’s unique combat system?

Fumiaki Shiraishi: I think we mainly borrow ideas or situations from various other worlds, and try to work in our combat system. So the Rocket Punch, is obviously a staple of the older robots like Mazinger Z. The Tank’s stretchy arms are in various robots like Getter Robot. V Buster’s combined ability is inspired by the Sentai robots, while Wyvern’s transform is borrowed from Transformers. On top of that, the Kaijus that we have in our game is our love letter to the Kaijus in Ultraman.”

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