GungHo in the Press: Interview with Noisy Pixel

Do you have a favorite Volta-X pilot? Every Volta pilot is inspired by a different animal species, but did you know that they could have all been chubby hamsters? Check out this Noisy Pixel interview with Volta-X’s Director and Art Director on the inspirations and designing process of the game. 


“One look at Volta-X, and I’m immediately transported to watching Cartoon Network as a kid waiting for Voltron or Thunder Cats to come on. The aesthetic of the game’s animal characters seems to play on these hero themes as they climb into these

towering mechs and unleash powerful weaponry.

After speaking with Volta-X director Fumiaki Shiraishi and art director Pramin Phatiphong, we were able to dive deeper into where this idea came from.”


“The change from cute hamsters to tough-looking animals played out well and worked wonders on its aesthetic. Through development, Phatiphong-san reflected on how he approaches designing characters with an abstract mind to see just how weird he can make something, but still make it relatable in a unique way. The character’s attitude may have changed, but if you ask me, they are still pretty cute.

When it comes to gameplay, Shiraishi-san says, “We wanted to make it feel like you’re playing with a toy, but we want to give the player more to do with their toy than just transform it a few times.” As players customize their robots and add their own personal touches to design, it does produce the feeling of interacting with a toy. In battle, the interaction becomes even more profound as players make strategic choices on the best ways they can take down their opponents.”

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