For this installment, Morishita-san and Kaneda-san talk more about in-game purchases, Ninja Medals, and powering up characters with Shinobi Cards!

The Ninjala Developer Diary series was created to give fans a close-up look at various elements of the game. In our fourth installment Ninjala Game & Story Designer Morishita-san and Ninjala Director Kaneda-san cover in-game purchases and how powering up characters will work.

All of the in-game purchases in Ninjala are merely for cosmetic purposes. All the weapons and abilities you can unlock are tied to your skill as a player, and you and your opponents will always be on a level playing field. In addition to buying Jala (Ninjala's in-game currency), you can buy the Ninjala Pass or tokens for the Gumball Machine. While the Ninjala Pass does cost 950 Jala, unlocking all the tiers will actually reward you with more than that in a season. That means you could pick up the next season's pass with all the free Jala you already earned.

Each season also offers new accessories and costumes, but some costumes can only be purchased with Jala. Likewise, there skins to earn from the season pass for your weapons, but you can also spend Jala on the Gumball Machine to unlock even more Ninja-Gum styles to show off.

Ninja Medals can be unlocked by playing matches online in either Battle Royale or Team Battle mode, and then spent on increasing your Shinobi Card slots or boosting your Shinobi Cards with Assist Codes. Assist Codes provide slight increases to individual Shinobi Cards to make them, and you, more powerful the next time you head into an online match.

Ninjala will be available on June 24, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Enjoy more of our Developer Diary series while you wait for your chance burst your opponents' bubbles.

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