What’s next for Puzzle & Dragons and GungHo?

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By admin on March 28, 2014

What does Morishita think about the scrutiny his company, so long never discussed in the West, is under? What is his philosophy toward free-to-play games, and what would he say to the skeptics who mistrust them?


"We're not trying to focus on the user base -- we're trying to create a game that's solely good based on quality, and what we think is good. If that sticks, then good. If not, we've got to go back to the table and rethink everything."

"We do have our own business logic that we're basing it off of. Scrutiny is great, but we do have our own business strategy. People can scrutinize us, but we have to do our own thing, our own business model. It's not that we ignore it, but we don't take it too seriously."