Volta-X preview at E3 2019: A completely new way to pilot giant robots

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By admin on June 12, 2019

The more I think about Volta-X, the more impressed with it I am. In our brisk, 30-minute hands-off-and-hands-on demo, I had to absorb a lot of new information fast. And only in retrospect am I realizing how much opportunity for depth and strategy this game really offers. There are just so many different variables to juggle and experiment with here, and that’s wonderful. I can only hope the final release takes this wonderful premise and sticks the landing. For what it’s worth, I was surprised how intuitive the controls felt in spite of the game’s somewhat complex premise.

And what’s especially cool is that the core of this particular GungHo team is based in America, composed of six-to-seven people. It’s terrific to see GungHo fostering a spirit of trust and collaboration internationally, and it seems to be the right move.

Volta-X is a charming and awesomely unique title for Nintendo Switch, and I’m excited to see more of it.