The Latest eSport Is… Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition?

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By admin on October 1, 2015

Sure, MOBAs are challenging, and Starcraft requires fast reflexes. GungHo is taking eSports in a different direction, though.

The publisher has announced an international competition starring Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition. The 3DS version of the mobile puzzle game gives the game a Mushroom Kingdom feel while maintaining the core matching mechanics for which the series is known.

In order to enter, players must submit their best results for Score Attack Hard Mode. You’ll need to send in a picture of yourself holding your 3DS with the score, proof of identity, the date, and a score of at C or better via a form on GungHo’s website.

Sixteen players (twelve from the competition and four selected community representatives) will compete in Los Angeles in December in three double-elimination rounds. Matches are 1v1v1v1 score challenges. The top two contestants will advance to the next round.

The finals will be held in Japan at a date yet to be announced. Contestants must be at least 13 years old to enter. Those under 18 will need to have a parent along for the ride.

You can read the complete rules and FAQ on GungHo’s website. Entries will be accepted through October 31.