The Devils Awaken Expansion and Devil May Cry’s Nero Are Available Now In TEPPEN

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By admin on November 1, 2019

Devil May Cry is getting a lot of love in TEPPEN as Nero, and The Devils Awaken expansion is now live for everyone, adding a completely new dynamic to the meta.

The second expansion for the mobile card game is bringing in a second demon hunter to the game, one that has an entirely different style and plays for the green team in terms of hero arts. Nero adds a lot of new dynamics to the game, such as his Devil Breaker art, which will boost one of his friendly units and allow it to deal damage to every unit an opponent controls.


The new Growth mechanic that is being added alongside Nero is sure to change a lot, and a majority of the green cards in this expansion are themed around that ability. It is also easier to see and understand what abilities each card revolves around since the card text has been reworked to display them in a new way, which is perfect since Growth will give some units new abilities as they grow.

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