Super Senso Satisfies All Your Advance Wars Cravings on Mobile

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By admin on April 27, 2016

Anyone who has played a turn-based strategy in the past would know the basic gameplay loop of Super Senso almost immediately. The major differences between this grid-based strategy title and something like Advance Wars or The Banner Saga are the end goal of destroying your opponent’s tower, the fact that one of your units is designed to be superior to all of your other units (these are the titular Sensos) and the fact that Super Senso is going to primarily be an online PvP title. I’m currently playing through The Banner Saga now, as its sequel is apparently all the rage on Steam, so I was in full turn-based strategy mode by the time I got my hands on Super Senso on the PAX East show floor. The former title is known more for its story than its turn-based gameplay, but it was still pretty awesome to see a mobile title eclipse the heralded indie title’s gameplay in literally every sense.

Being able to choose a specific hero unit and utilize its specific powers, which can range from the ability to chain attacks to the ability to vault support units to any area of the map. Because your end goal is to destroy your opponent’s base, those who wind up focusing merely on destroying units are almost always destined to fail, considering support units can almost constantly be replaced using an in-match currency. Super Senso creates a delicate balance between offense and defense through this mechanic, and it’s easy to see how this will be a go-to “Netflix title” for gamers young and old. I actually made it a point to bring this up, and this comment was met with a great deal of joy. Super Senso is well aware that it is not going to be the only title that you play, so short match times and a focus on gameplay over narrative make it perfect for your commute or right before bed.

North American gamers should be able to get their hands on this solid title in the near future, with Turbo Studios currently accepting signups for its Open Beta. While there isn’t a concrete release date right now, there was enough polish in the PAX East demo that it wouldn’t be all that outrageous to see Super Senso’s full American launch sometime in the coming months. Needless to say, those looking for an engaging competitive mobile title should keep an eye on this one, as it was a bona fide surprise at this year’s iteration of PAX East.


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