Super Senso and sensibility: GungHo on embracing the growth of mobile eSports

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By admin on August 29, 2017

The vast video game corporation behind Puzzle & Dragons – which stands as the first mobile game ever to make $1 billion in revenue – has partnered with development studio Turbo as it makes a definite move to embrace mobile eSports on a global basis.


Equally, some of the early golden rules of smartphone success still apply. Mobile gamers necessarily prefer shorter gameplay sessions, so Turbo has aimed for five-minute game lengths in Super Senso, reportedly putting four years into shaping its creation. Across that time, Europe remained a key consideration – along with the States.

"As a turn-based action strategy game, we believe Super Senso is a perfect fit for the market that typically embraces games in the genre with open arms," explains Iwasaki.

"Given that one of GungHo’s major priorities is to bring games to the global market, it was inevitable that we would continue our rollout to Europe. When we were originally evaluating the game for publishing consideration, one of our key questions we needed to assess was if Super Senso would be a fit for a huge audience, such as Europe."