République Episode Four, God’s Acre, Coming December 17

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By admin on December 14, 2015

République, the episodic stealth action game from Camouflaj, is one of those games that just endeared me to it from the very start. Between the game mechanics, the story and the ace voice acting crew, there’s not much to dislike — except maybe for the wait between episodes.

That wait is now down to less than a week, though. Camouflaj and GungHo Online Entertainment announced today that the fourth episode of République, titled “God’s Acre,” will release for mobile devices and PC on December 17. Players who have purchased the entire saga will get the episode for free, while others buying them a la carte on iOS and Android will be able to purchase it for $4.99.

The first three episodes were launched without the help of GungHo, but Camouflaj founder Ryan Payton said in today’s press release that the alliance between the two companies has been a good one.

“The République saga takes a turn that will surprise fans and fascinate new players. Since partnering with GungHo Online Entertainment, we’ve been able to move development forward faster and we’re on track to bring the story to a thrilling conclusion starting with “God’s Acre.”

In case you’ve never played this unique experience before, you can jump into it now by plunking down $4.99 for the first episode, “Exordium,” in the App Store or Google Play. If you like your stealth action in a sci-fi setting that has eerily parallels to the issues we face today, you won’t be disappointed.