Puzzle & Dragons Z / Super Mario Edition Preview

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By admin on March 7, 2015

While many of us diligently play games on PC and console, an enormous portion of the worldwide population gravitates toward mobile and social gaming. Sitting on the top of a mountain of money is Gung Ho's Puzzle & Dragons, the first mobile title to cross the $1 billion revenue mark.

The title has crossed over with a number of other games and even licensed properties, but the next one might be the most ambitious. Gung Ho is teaming with Nintendo to bring a two-pack of standalone, premium Puzzle & Dragons games to 3DS.

Launching in May, Puzzle & Dragons Z and Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Edition are two different takes on the formula. I had a chance to play the Super Mario version, and was pleasantly surprised at the mash-up.

For those that haven't played any games in the series, Puzzle & Dragons isn't your average match-3 game. Instead of being limited to a single move, players have a limited amount of time to slide one orb around the board. This bumps others out of the way and hopefully outs them in a position to make even more matches.

You go into battle with a leader, a support character, and a number of other minions. Each offers a different skill that can be used to affect the orb board. In one course (a set of RPG-style fights), Mario led my team as Luigi provided back up and a number of colored Yoshis filled out the roster. In the other, it was Boo Mario with Boo Luigi (note: This is absolutely a missed opportunity, as he should be called Boo-igi).