Puzzle & Dragons Z Reconfirmed for Western Release on 3DS

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By admin on January 9, 2015

GungHo Online Entertainment just recently announced Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, a 3DS installment of its hit puzzle series that features the cast of the Mushroom Kingdom. Like its million-selling 3DS predecessor, Puzzle & Dragons Z, it'll only be available in Japan for now. That's odd, considering the mobile original is a smash hit worldwide. Where's the Western love?

It turns out that Puzzle & Dragons Z was anounced for the West some time back, but the news more or less went under everyone's noses. It also doesn't help that GungHo hasn't offered any details beyond that it's coming. In a response to a curious fan on Twitter, a company representative reconfirmed localization plans:

@Emolyptic actually P&D Z was officially announced for a western release by our company president - no details at this time, but stay tuned!