Puzzle & Dragons Hits 42 Million Downloads

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By admin on January 12, 2015

Having a smartphone and being a gamer almost unintentionally means that you will be walking a fine line between owning a phone and owning a gaming handheld that supposedly takes calls and sends chat messages to other handheld owners.

If you have given in to Puzzle & Dragons (we all have done it, at least once) you will be happy to hear that it has been downloaded by tons of people. That means, more people for you to enter dungeons with.

Since its release in February, Puzzle & Dragons has been downloaded 42 million times across iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices. If you were wondering, Japan takes the majority of that number with around 33 million downloads. North America has about six million downloads, which is still a good number, it earns a nice and gentle pat on the back. Keep at it guys.