Puzzle & Dragons hits 3 million in North America

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By admin on March 12, 2014

In the past 12 months Puzzles & Dragons has been downloaded over 3 million times in North America alone.

That's according to the studio behind it, GungHo Online, with the game having recently hit 25 million downloads in its home territory of Japan.

It also became the first game to generate over $1 billion in revenue, quickly followed by King's Candy Crush Saga.

Accessibility matters

The game has now surpassed 29 million downloads worldwide, with a natural slowdown in take up in Japan now offset by growth overseas.

GungHo has also announced that it will be updating Puzzle & Dragonswith added support for players with colour vision deficiencies.

The firm hopes to make its global phenomenon more accessible by making colour adjustments to HP gauges and element orbs, while also modifying certain in-game images.