Puzzle & Dragons becomes first mobile game to gross $1 billion in revenue

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By admin on February 4, 2014

Japanese developer GungHo Online have released their financial figures for 2013, and there’s one figure in particular that stands out. Of the company’s $1.5bn in turnover, precisely $1bn of that can be accredited to the game Puzzle & Dragons – the first mobile game to ever reach such a figure.

This truly astonishing figure becomes all the more mind-boggling once you realise that the game is  free to play. You can check in to the Apple iOS App Store or Google Play store and download Puzzle & Dragons for free right now, if you haven’t already.

And the chances are you haven’t. Puzzle & Dragon has amassed its record-breaking sales tally almost exclusively through sales in Asia and the USA.


So far in 2014, GungHo Online announced that Puzzle & Dragons has turned over $155m, meaning the game is making $4.5m every single day. Anyone care to bet against the longevity of the freemium mobile gaming model now?