Preview: Why LET IT DIE is 2016′s Best Free-to-Play Game

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By admin on November 21, 2016

After nearly two hours of hands-on gameplay, I can say with absolute certitude that Let it Die is the best free-to-play game of 2016. If you’re wondering why I say 2016, this is because the staff at GungHo stated that the game will release before the end of this year.


Because Let it Die is a hack-and-slash game, you’re expected to learn combat right after taking the escalator and exiting the train station. However, fighting is not as easy in Let it Die as many would assume. In the game, you are able to see your character’s beating heart. If you over-exert your heart you will become exhausted, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

In the beginning, your weapons are simply your fists, and boy are they strong! Later, you’ll be able to pick up new weapons from the corpses of enemies you’ve slain. Weapons can be equipped in either your right, left, or both hands. You can also hold two different types of weapon at the same time.


If you die in the game, your Fighter will come back to life as a "Hater" wherever the body dropped. You will frequently encounter Haters in the game, all of whom are marked by an orange name.
If  a Hater gets the best of you, the owner of that Hater gets some of your goodies sent to their Rewards Box. However, if your Hater kills another player, you get their goodies in your Rewards Box. Be sure to figure out the best tactical way to use your Fighters. To level up your Fighter, you will need to use the Mingo Head, a Fighter training machine that greets players after they return back home.


There you have it, those are the essentials to Let it Die. You need to use your intelligence and killing skill to reach the top of the Tower of Barbs. Can you do it? If you own a PlayStation 4, the game is free, so there’s no point in not trying!


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