LET IT DIE: Best of 2016 New Character

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By admin on January 8, 2017

Uncle Death (Let it Die)

Whether it be Kid Icarus, Castlevania, or any number of other video games, encountering the grim reaper is typically not a good thing. This is not the case with Let It Die, where Uncle Death is introduced as the friendliest incarnation of the reaper since Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Uncle Death still has the traditional black hooded robe and scythe, but he is not above wearing silly eyeglasses and must have spent some time hanging out with Tony Hawk to reach that level of skill with his skateboard. Despite being a skeleton under that robe, he is not a creepy uncle at all, but instead quite friendly and helpful serving as a guide and source of information when climbing the Tower of Barbs. From the early meeting when he sits down and describes Let It Die as being like a hack and slash roguelike kind of a thing, Uncle Death seems more like a dude that would rather take people out for cold ones at the pub instead of harvesting their souls, making him the year’s best new character.