It Might Take 100 Deaths but It’s Worth it – A LET IT DIE Review

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By admin on March 20, 2017

The first thing you see in Let It Die is a girl on a moped speeding through a city that looks like a futuristic Tokyo, she comes to a stop overlooking a set of train tracks. Then the camera zooms in on the train, and you select your fighter. You exit the train at a subway station that is completely empty and full of lights and reflective surfaces. It’s cleaner than any subway station I’ve ever seen. On the platform you meet Uncle Death with his crazy sunglasses and skateboard. He calls you “Senpai” and walks you through the game, giving you hints and tutorials as you go. You slaughter your way through a bunch of zombies and then you die. You get shot straight in the head.


If you let your character die, it becomes a “Hater” or a zombified corpse of a former player that will terrorize that section of the game map for anyone who enters there. If that “Hater” kills another player, you get prizes for it. If you return and kill your own “Hater” you can send it to a freezer box and then put it to work for you. So yes, you get benefits for following the game’s title and letting yourself die. You can even set them out against other players if that player has had a hater who killed you. Revenge is rather nice when you can send a re-animated corpse to do the work for you.Or, you can pay for “insurance” and get to continue with the same character. You do that with “Death Metals.” Which you can either earn by completing quests, or buy for actual money. It’s the sort of pay-to-win structure that I’d normally find irritating, but, there’s a whole different reality in Let It Die that makes a bit more sense of this structure. You can, if you like, log out of the game and enter an arcade. The world outside of the game. There, you find Uncle Death, a professional gamer, and a really bored cashier next to a laptop that will give you quests. There’s also a small browser function that brings up the main Let It Die webpageLet It Die is simply a game in that arcade run on the “Death Drive 128” and operated by Uncle Death.

Whenever you pay with a “Death Metal” its an arcade currency, given that you receive it by completing quests from the laptop in the arcade. Every death is treated with a “insert one token to continue” kind of mechanic. Just like an arcade game.


I’ve found Let It Die to be incredibly fun. It’s a game that isn’t afraid to make fun of itself while still being entirely serious about all of it’s content. It is purely a hack-and-slash game with very, very little story or lore outside of “there’s this massive tower in southern Tokyo and you want to get to the top of it.” But it doesn’t need more than that. Let It Die exists purely as a vehicle for your own aggression. And it’s pretty awesome that way, even if it takes you a hundred deaths to make it to the top. The gameplay is fun but unforgiving, the graphics are stylized but brutal, and the replay value is exactly what you make of it.

Rate: 8.5/10

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