GungHo’s “Teppen” has hit the 3 Million Downloads Milestone

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By admin on September 9, 2019

GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that their “ultimate card battle game” Teppen has hit a major download milestone. If you’re unaware, Teppen is a joint project between GungHo and Capcom to create a real-time card battle system using Capcom’s stable of characters. And it has been massively successful. A mere two months out from launch and the game has already surpassed the 3 million download milestone.


GungHo and Capcom even reached out to professional players for their reactions to the news:

Teppen hit 3 million downloads?!?!” said Justin Wong, nine-time EVO champion. “I mean what do you expect? It’s the best multiplayer game out in the market right now when it comes to reaction, strategy and speed.”

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