GungHo And Nintendo Team Up For ‘Puzzle And Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition’

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By admin on January 9, 2015

In an interesting partnership between GungHo and Nintendo , they’ll be bringing a Super Mario themed Puzzle and Dragons to the 3DS in Japan at the end of April.

GungHo is one of the largest game publishers in Japan and their wildly successful Puzzle and Dragons games have already been downloaded 32 million times in the region.

While we’ve already had the 3DS port Puzzle and Dragons Z, that has to date sold around 1.5 million copies in Japan, this is a more bespoke release for the handheld likely due to the success of the previous game.

The main difference with this release is the emphasis on story and overworld progression, with Nintendo apparently having a large amount of creative input on that.

The scenario being that Mario must save Princess Peach via various puzzle battles after being kidnapped, while Mario et al were distracted by the new “Drop” character (shown above). Pretty standard Nintendo and Super Mario fare really.