Final Fantasy Comes to Puzzle & Dragons in November

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By admin on October 27, 2015

GungHo’s Puzzle & Dragons often has cross-over promotions with other game franchises. It’s part of what the puzzle series is known for (well, that and its adorable dragon-shaped Gashapon machine). But an upcoming promotion is pretty huge, even by Puzzle & Dragons’ standards.

From November 2 through 15, the world of Final Fantasy will be visiting the world of Puzzle & Dragons. And when we say “Final Fantasy,” we mean there will be callbacks to all the classic entries in this historic RPG series. You’ll be able to find heroes in the Egg Machine and take on villains in a special dungeon called the Netherworld.

That means you can go up against the likes of Chaos, Zeromus, and Sephiroth. It also means allying yourself with Cloud, Tifa, and Squall, even though nobody likes Squall because he ruins good times faster than an ingested Cactaur ruins a Chocobo’s digestive tract.

Look for Final Fantasy’s visit to Puzzle & Dragons starting November 2nd and ending November 15th.