Filmmaker Freddie Wong gets lost in Puzzle & Dragons

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By admin on March 13, 2014

Filmmaker and famous YouTuber Freddie Wong has just released a fun short film over on his RocketJump channel called Cave Quest. The video puts him in the role of a cave explorer, who encounters one of the baddies from GungHo Online Entertainment’s Puzzle and Dragons along the way. Interestingly it’s shot at Bronson Caves, a location used for the old 1950s Adam West Batman series.

This looks to be part of a GungHo promotional effort for Puzzle & Dragons, and given that Freddie has nearly seven million subscribers on that particular channel, it’s a smart tie-up for GungHo with over 160,000 views in just a day [1]. Check out the clip below, or the accompanying behind-the-scenes video.

Puzzle & Dragons recently surpassed 3 million downloads in the North American market, and GungHo no doubt wants to grow that number further through efforts such as this one.