[E3 2014] ‘Manhunt’ Meets ‘Mortal Kombat’ in Suda 51’s ‘Let it Die’

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By admin on June 9, 2014

When I watch this debut trailer for Suda 51’s bloody upcoming fighter Let it Die, I can’t help but wonder if this ridiculously brutal fighting game is being made with the mission of stealing Mortal Kombat’s krown crown as the goriest fighter ever. If that’s the goal, Suda 51 well on his way to enjoying a tear-out-his-spine victory. Also, while much of this trailer is comprised of live-action footage, there is a bit of actual gameplay mixed in there, too.

I’m entirely unsure of what’s going on here, but it looks like the guy with the face mask is trying his best to cleanse a very dirty building of dirty murderers because he needs their clothes...



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