Dokuro Review

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By admin on January 16, 2015

Dokuro isn’t too heavy on the story, using it as a set-up to justify the various puzzles and children’s book visuals more than anything else. The Dark Lord captures a princess and marries her. However, as so often happens in these kinds of set-ups, the princess spurns the Dark Lord and cries her eyes out, attracting the sympathy of Dokuro. As a measly little skeleton, Dokuro chooses the goodness in his heart over serving the Dark Lord and attempts to escort the princess out of the castle.

Again, despite Dokuro not having a very meaty story, it does an excellent job of presenting it. The art-style is simple but incredibly beautiful with a chalky edge to character models and a whimsical but grimy tone to the Dark Lord’s castle. Character animations are nuanced without being distracting. The princess’s frightened shouts and Dokuro’s limited but endearing facial expressions help tether you to the characters. The music is similarly great with its reliance on old folksy, medieval tunes.