Capcom Just Surprise Dropped Their “Card Game To End All Other Card Games”

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By admin on July 4, 2019

Capcom and GungHoOnline released a new mobile game on Android and iOS Wednesday, and they're calling it the "Card Game to End All Other Card Games." The game, called Teppen, features an assortment of Capcom characters duking it out in a Mortal Kombat-inspired story with a hint of Super Smash Bros.

Teppen, formerly known as Project Battlewas first seen last week on Twitch and Youtube when several popular streamers were given a hands-on first look. The game is clearly designed as a competitor to popular mobile card games Hearthstone and Elder Scrolls: Legends, but includes some unique lane battle mechanics as well as real-time strategy.


The real-time battle system is an interesting layer to the strategy of the game as you do not have a turn-timer that allows you to plan out your strategy. It is important not only to play the correct card to counter your opponent, but to also play it at the correct time. It's a unique design decision that may help the game to stand out in a crowded mobile marketplace.

You can download Teppen for free on Android and iOS. There is a beginner's guide available on the official website,

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