Capcom Is Hosting An Amazon-Sponsored Teppen Tournament – With $500,000 Dollars At Stake

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By admin on August 9, 2019

Despite being a relatively new game, Capcom is supporting Teppen wholeheartedly with an upcoming competitive tournament where the prize pool is expected to reach around $500,000. The information was revealed during the Teppen Asia Japan Premier Event, along with news of an upcoming new character, future expansions, and what exactly players can expect in tournaments.


The game is so new, having only released in certain parts of the world in early July, that it will be fascinating to see how the meta shapes up for these first competitive events.


Although the game is still in its infancy, it is great to see Capcom pushing hard for its competitive scene and adding the financial backing to spur interest.


Surely with a $500,000 prize pool planned, Teppen is well on its way to being a focal point for new players, particularly with open qualifiers that can allow for anyone to make their way to the top for a slice of that prize money.