Babymetal Helps Ninjala Come to Switch

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By admin on June 16, 2018

GungHo Online Entertainment is bringing their new multiplayer action game, Ninjala, exclusively to Switch in Spring 2019. That’s terrific, but do you want to know what really sticks out to me about its new teaser trailer? They used a frickin’ Babymetal song as its backing track!


It’s a visceral trailer all-around. Kid ninjas run up and the down the sides of buildings, wielding wholesome weapons and blasting each other with bubblegum bombs. The game will allow for up to 8 players, locally and online, and further impressions for Ninjala can now be found here.


So if I can report on new Switch games and spread the gospel of Babymetal at the same time, then heck yes I will do that!