Puzzle & Dragons - Data Restoration

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Please enter the official names of at least 5 Monsters that were registered as Favorites in the lost game data.
If there were no Monsters registered as Favorites, please enter the names of Monsters used regularly
Please name at least 1 Dungeon that you cleared in the lost game data.
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1) After submitting this form, you'll receive an Email with your ticket number. (Please allow 24-72 hours)

2) Set your name to the following: TBD[insert the last 4 digits of your ticket number]
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Please attach a screenshot of the most recent Magic Stone purchase. (Only JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP. Maximum size 2MB)
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We will perform data restoration only for those IDs that fulfill the necessary conditions.
Please read the following warnings, and click to "Accept" these terms to proceed.
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Warnings about Restoration

  • If we are unable to verify your game data, or if the conditions for restoring game data are not fulfilled, we are unable to assist.
  • The original game data will be restored to its last known state prior to deletion.
  • The new game data will be overwritten when the data restoration is completed. Please be advised that we are unable to transfer individual Monsters or Friends from one account to another.
  • The encyclopedia (Monster Book list) may be deleted.
  • The in-game messages and your collection of Monsters will be marked "New".
  • Some of the Dungeons may appear uncleared.
  • In-game events and campaigns during the time of data restoration will not be reflected.
  • Compensations and gifts that were distributed during the time of data restoration will not be reflected.
* We may need to contact the E-mail address you provided. Please make sure you are able to receive E-mails from the domain (@gunghoonline.com). If our E-mails are being blocked, you will need to check how to adjust these settings with your E-mail provider.

* This form is only for topics regarding game data restoration. Please be advised that we will not respond to any other inquiries.

* a) For iOS users: You can attach an image if you have iOS 6.0 or higher. Please contact us via a computer.

* b) Here is a sample of the message you may receive: "Please change your in-game name to TBD1234"

* We are unable to proceed if the name is not in this format.