Volta-X is the PVP Faster Than Light I didn’t know I needed

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By admin on September 10, 2019

Volta-X is one of the more unique games I saw on the Nintendo Switch during my time at PAX West 2019. I was unaware of the game prior to the show and was happily introduced to it by the developers at GungHo.


Specifying a genre for Volta-X is difficult due to how unique the game is overall. I would personally classify it as a competitive strategy game. When commanding the handful of animals inside the mechs, I had to direct them to various parts of the robot to utilize everything from arm-cannons to heat-rays. It was reminiscent of a real-time strategy game like Faster Than Light as well, as I had to send animals to various parts of the ship that were either on fire or needed repairs.


There’s a lot of potential with Volta-X, and I can’t stress enough how I was continuously surprised throughout the demo with what this small team has pulled off.

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