VIDEO: Studio Colorido Animates CM for “Puzzles & Dragons”

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By admin on October 14, 2015

Studio Colorido (WONDER GARDEN, Typhoon Noruda) has created a short, animated commercial for the GungHo Online Entertainment's popular mobile game, Puzzles & Dragons. The commercial is beautifully animated, but I've got acrophobia, and I don't think I'd want to associate playing a puzzle game with uncontrolled bursts of spontaneous flight.

Puzzles & Dragons is a tile-matching puzzle game with RPG elements known for collaborating with other properties, such as Hunter x Hunter and Fist of the North Star. The new commercial was directed by Yōjirō Arai with character designs and animation direction by Akihiro Nagae. For more information about Puzzles & Dragons, please check out the official English language home page here.


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