TEPPEN reveals, 2020 esports plans, new expansion showcasing Akuma, Evil Ryu, and new cards.

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By admin on December 21, 2019

Today, during the end of the TEPPEN World Championship, Gung-Ho and Capcom revealed the trailer for their newest expansion titled “The Force Seekers”.

The expansions explore the dark side of Street Fighter and introduced a new playable hero Akuma, a new skin for Ryu, Evil Ryu, and a 1 new mechanic to the game. When asked, TEPPEN developers confirmed that any and all Capcom IP’s are available to enter the game and the development team is always thinking of new IP’s that would fit into the world of TEPPEN.

So even though this expansion further explores the games Street Fighter characters, new IPs are still a possibility in the future.


The new mechanic is called Ascended. So far, ascended units can only become so via Akuma's new hero art. When a unit is ascended, they become more powerful while also destroying any enemy unit currently in front of them. Once a unit as ascended, they can not be ascended again.

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