Suda51’s Let it Die makes the post-apocalypse fun again

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By admin on April 27, 2016

One of my favorite developers is Goichi Suda. If you don’t recognize the name it’s probably because you know him by his more famous moniker: Suda51. Unlike a lot of other devs from Japan, Suda51 doesn’t exactly play by the rules. His Grasshopper Manufacture studio consistently delivers some of the quirkiest, innovative, and sometimes controversial titles out there. Suda’s unbridled energy and infectious personality bleed over into his work and is a large part of what makes his games so enjoyable to play.

I was finally able to meet Suda last week while at PAX East. Suda was only doing a limited number of interviews so I felt genuinely privileged and honored to be one of the few reporters that was able to speak with him. He was in Boston to show off his upcoming game, Let it Die, which has been in development for quite some time. Now that the game is getting closer to completion, Suda wanted people to get some hands-on time with it and see for himself how they felt about it. I got to play the game while asking Suda questions. Thankfully, the translator did a great job.

After starting up the demo, I was not surprised to find that my player character had nothing on but a pair of dirty looking underwear. This is a Suda51 game, after all. Apparently, some other reporters said the game initially felt like Dark Souls, but I got the impression it was more of a survival game akin to DayZ or Ark. Even Dark Souls has you begin the game with armor and weapons. Let it Die literally starts you off with nothing. You’ll have to explore your surroundings to find clothes, equipment, and weapons in order to survive the dangers awaiting you.


Let it Die screen 02

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Let it Die, but I had a blast playing it. Best of all, I got to do so while having laughs with Goichi Suda. I get the impression that this game will take elements from the survival and roguelike genres, but give them the Grasshopper Manufacture twist we all love. The game is slated to be released this year on the PlayStation 4. I asked if it would eventually come to PC and was told that it’s possible, though there are no plans at the moment. For now though, it’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive people should definitely keep on their radar.


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