Nintendo And Riot Alums Come Together For Advance Wars-Inspired Super Senso

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By admin on April 26, 2016

It’s been far too long since we’ve seen a new Advance Wars game. Fans are desperate for a new entry, but Nintendo doesn’t seem to be budging. Thankfully, someone else is stepping in give the people what they want.

Turbo Studios’ Super Senso is a fast-paced turn-based strategy game that gives each player a towering robot (the eponymous Senso) and a number of smaller units. You're on a mission to take out the enemy base, and your opponent is live and playing at the same time, with matches finishing in mere minutes.

Each Senso has different abilities, like stronger counters or being able to take an extra turn after killing a unit. Losing your Senso won’t end the match, but it will set you back.

Thankfully, you get war funds each turn and can generate new units to press the attack. Super abilities charge as you deal damage, with three different skills consuming part of your stored energy.

If all of this sounds like Advance Wars, that’s by design. Turbo Studios includes veterans of Nintendo, Next Level Games, EA, and DICE. Design is led by a Riot veteran, and art and music include work by Final Fantasy character artist Yoshitaka Amano and composer Nobuo Uematsu.


The attractive character designs, intuitive gameplay, and rapid-fire match pace hooked me. For turn-based strategy fans like me that simply don’t have time for a battle during lunch, Super Senso scratches an itch I’ve had for quite some time.


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