Let it Die Lets You Fight Mutants in Your Underpants

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By admin on April 25, 2016

To call Let it Die a hack-and-slash would be a disservice. In my time with Grasshopper Manufacturer's latest psychedelic brain-buster, I did my fair share of hacking and slashing, but there was also a healthy amount chainsawing, grenade throwing, and more running around in my underpants than I care to admit.

That last bit didn’t come as much of a surprise considering that this is, through and through, a Suda51 jam.


The opening of the demo had me equipped with nothing but bare knuckles and my skivvies, so I went with a stealth approach, sneaking up on the tower’s bandits until I eventually found a bat and some pants. This made surviving encounters in the tower a little easier.

Emboldened by my new pants, I began tackling encounters head-on. The combat feels like a more forgiving version of Dark Souls. You utilize dodge and parry mechanics to get a leg up on foes, and one of six weapon slots create real carnage. I opted for a baseball bat and chainsaw combo (one in each hand) and only managed to get myself killed a couple of times.


The demo wraps up with a boss fight against a particularly awful mutant that uses sonar track you down and hurl human bodies at you. I whipped together a cocktail of various buffs and lobbed grenades at the hulking behemoth until it’s health was low enough that I could roll in and finish it off with a few quick sword blows. Suda51 was so impressed, he gave me a high five.

The demo was short, but left an impression. It’s certainly a departure from Grasshopper Manufacture’s previous efforts, but maintains the off-the-wall charm and completely bonkers aesthetic that are synonymous with Suda51 and his team. With it’s myriad weapons and branching paths, Let it Die looks like it will offer plenty of variety when it hits Playstation 4 later this year.


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