Jill Valentine from Resident Evil is the newest playable hero in Teppen

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By admin on August 8, 2019

We all knew a new hero was coming to Teppen at some point soon, and when Capcom announced they were putting on a live stream to premiere the game in Asia, the timing was perfect for speculation to rise.


Fan-favorite Jill Valentine is now available to play as in the game, with her own unique set of cards added to the expanding list. Her cards are currently the only new additions to the game, but a new Resident Evil themed expansion, Day of Nightmares, was announced for September.

Jill joins Ryu and Rathalos in the Red Hero category, which means she has a very burn focused playstyle in her basic setup. She focuses on searching for ammo and building up charges to use different unit abilities. This is unique for Teppen and could potentially change how some aspects of the game are played if it can help the right cards slot into the meta.