GungHo’s PAX West TEPPEN Invitational has a $23k prize pool

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By admin on August 30, 2019

With over-the-top attacks and tons of dynamic action, Teppen has been making quite a name for itself. To help spice things up a bit, GungHo is hosting the first ever Teppen Invitational this year at PAX West and it’s going to include a fairly substantial $23,000 prize pool.


For those not aware of exactly what Teppen is, it’s basically an online card battle game that allows players to take control of various heroes from popular games like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, and several other popular franchises under the Capcom umbrella. Since its release just a little over a month ago, Teppen has garnered over 2 million downloads, making it a verifiable success for both GungHo and Capcom.