GungHo Entertainment Announces Their Upcoming PAX Prime Line-up

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By admin on August 10, 2015

With Gamescom 2015 over we still have a lot of news to report on from the show. So we have a nice short break right now to do it in before the next event starts, which is PAX Prime 2015 taking place between August 28th-31st in Seattle. Today GungHo Entertainment, of Puzzle & Dragons fame among other titles, has announced their PAX Prime line-up of games they will be showing off.

GungHo Entertainment will be showing off everything that is new and upcoming with Puzzle & Dragons. So far the majority of this will be related to this game on the Nintendo 3DS unfortunately, with Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros.™ Edition both being shown off during PAX Prime. There's been no word as to whether Android gamers will see either of these games getting released onto Google Play.

However, GungHo Entertainment will be showing off the latest goodies for Republique by Camouflaj, which is hopefully the next episodes. If you missed the news about this partnership, basically GungHo Entertainment has partnered up with Camouflaj for everything new coming to Republique. GungHo will take over the promotional duties while Camouflaj will concentrate on the game development fully now. Speaking of Rebulique, if you are into Cosplay then you will be happy to know that there will be an appearance on the PAX Prime show floor by cosplayer Lindsay Elyse, as Republique's Hope.

There will most likely be Puzzle & Dragons Android version related goodies on hand at their booth as well. But it seems this year's PAX Prime for GungHo Entertainment isn't really focused on mobile gaming too much outside of Rebulique's showing, at least in regards to Android and iOS.