Grandia HD Remaster is Now Available on Steam

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By admin on October 16, 2019

After a short delay, Grandia HD Remaster is available now for PC via Steam. A remaster of GamesArts’ classic RPG, it retails for $19.99. Along with the first game being available for PC, Grandia 2 Anniversary Edition has been updated to the Grandia 2 HD Remaster, which is a free update for current owners.


The first Grandia is noteworthy for its battle system – a combination of real-time and turn-based that encourages interrupting enemy attacks and seizing the initiative.


Along with improved sprites and textures, Grandia HD Remaster features an enhanced UI and enhancements to the original cinematics. PC players also get the benefit of widescreen support and higher resolutions along with remappable controls on mouse and keyboard. The Grandia HD Collection is also available for Nintendo Switch.

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