Evangelion Collaboration Coming To Puzzle & Dragons

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By admin on February 19, 2014

TOKYO – Feb. 20, 2014 – GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc., a multiplatform publisher for the online gaming community and publisher of the highly successful mobile title Puzzle & Dragons, today announced that its newest collaboration with the popular film series, Rebuild of Evangelion, is set to take place beginning Feb. 24 in Japan and in March in the US and Europe.

The latest in-game collaboration for Puzzle & Dragons is a must for Anime and Evangelion fans around the world. Puzzle & Dragons players will be able to battle in a special Evangelion-themed dungeon where they will face off against the mysterious Angels.

In addition, a special Rare Egg machine shaped like the EVA-01 will be featured in the game. Special egg drops will include popular Evangelion characters Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Mari and Kaworu, depicted with the EVA units they pilot, along with a depiction of Misato with the AAA Wunder flying battleship. Special Awoken Skills have been added the collaboration monsters, and all new Evangelion-themed Ultimate Evolutions will be available.


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A mobile gaming phenomenon, Puzzle & Dragons continues to see tremendous growth resulting from the game’s addictive combination of puzzle, dungeon-crawling and monster-collecting gameplay. Players capture, collect and evolve hundreds of elemental monsters while using quick thinking to chain combos and maximize the abilities and skills of their monsters. Puzzle & Dragons has now surpassed 27 million downloads worldwide. Puzzle & Dragons is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Evangelion sparked a pop culture phenomenon with the release of the original animated TV series in 1995, with the project soon branching out into comics, films, videogames, and other media. The Rebuild of Evangelion film series launched in 2007, and with three installments released to date Evangelion continues to enjoy a great deal of popularity among a diverse audience. Released last autumn, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo attracted 3.8 million viewers and more than 5.2 billion in box office revenue. DVD/BD sales of the Rebuild of Evangelion film series alone exceed 2 million units sold. Last month, serialized publication of the Neon Genesis Evangelion comic concluded after 18 years, with the first 13 volumes in the series exceeding a total of 23 million units printed. The excitement surrounding the Rebuild of Evangelion films continues to build with the approach of the next installment, the series climax.

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