Dokuro Green-light campaign launches on Steam

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By admin on October 19, 2014

A little bony henchman discovers the hero within.

A little bony henchman discovers the hero within.

A critically beloved puzzle platformer could make its way to Steam with your help. Dokuro was originally released for the PlayStation Vita in 2012 and was later released on Android & iOS devices a year later. Now its publisher, Gungho Online Entertainment America, is launching a Steam Green-light campaign.

It's a tale as old as time: a fair princess has been captured by a malevolent dark lord and It's up to you to rescue her. Been there; done that. However, Dokuro provides a bit of a subversion: instead of taking on the role of a dashing hero, you're a former skeletal henchman of the dark lord who has a change of heart. While he looks like little more than a minor enemy you'd kill with one hit in a game like Castlevania, this bony protagonist has a couple of tricks in his proverbial sleeve. He can flip switches, double jump, and transform into a hero with the help of a magical elixir.

Dokuro sports a quirky art direction that wouldn't look out of place in a children's storybook or a saturday morning cartoon. Quite ironic considering the director's previous work on the ultra violent and sexually explicit Ninja Gaiden series.


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