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Lovely and refined, Princess Punt was enjoying a pleasantly regal afternoon when she received word that her dashing young prince wished to meet with her post haste! Accompanied by her diminutive royal guard, she sets off on a trek through monster-laden territories to reach her hunky suitor. How can this delicate flower survive such a perilous pathway to love?

Well they don’t call her Princess Punt for nothing! With a swift kick to the backside, our powerhouse princess flings her faithful servants into battle with the fiercest foes in all the land. Carefully aim your kicks and make sure to apply just the right amount of force to each punt. Tap the screen to activate each unit’s unique special attack. Soldiers remain on the battle field after their initial launch, so make sure to strategize accordingly. A well placed archer can fire a volley of arrows each turn as your knights take a more direct approach. Once you’re out of soldiers, start kicking bombs into your foes to put an explosive end to their meddling. Can you blast your enemies quickly enough to get a three-star rating on each course? Challenge multiple difficulty settings and battle your way through dozens of unique stages. Build you knight’s strength by leveling up his various skills and outfitting him with the greatest gear. If you need an extra boost, you can always try your luck at the slots machines.

The path to true love never did run smooth, but a swift kick in the right direction really can accomplish anything!

 Main Features:

  • Addictive hybrid physics puzzle/RPG mechanics – Judge distance and force to launch your soldiers into the enemy, but strategize ahead so they can deal maximum damage each turn.
  • Choose from a huge selection of different weapon types to customize your combat experience– You can change your style to suite the enemy or your own personal preference. Try different combinations to master each level!
  • Multiple difficulty settings for each stage – Higher difficulty means higher rewards. Try to master each stage on every difficulty and seek out the coveted triple gold star.
  • Epic boss battles – Challenge the mid-boss and final boss of each world to make it one step closer to the prince. Be on the lookout for random boss invasions that can strike at any time. Make sure to aim for the weak spots to take down these colossal beasts!
  • Slot Coupon bonus reward system – Complete levels and post to your favorite social media sites to earn coupons for the slot machine. Unlock powerful rare weapons, armor and accessories to give you an edge over your foes.
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OS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.